In Praise Of Tradition
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Are you overburdened
by modern-day stressors?


On-Demand Holistic Health & Nutritional Support (monthly)

With this service, you lead the way. Via the Voxer app, you will have direct access to me through live audio-messages, text and photo. It’s like having me in your back pocket as questions, concerns or curiosities come up!

For example, if you are:

  • At the grocery store and curious about a certain product or ingredient list, send me a photo and I will clear up any confusion and offer my suggestions.

  • Feeling off from something you ate the night before, let’s figure out what specific things to be aware of next time and tools you can implement to find relief.

  • Overwhelmed by all of the “non-toxic” makeup, household or personal products competing for your attention, allow me to give specific recommendations on what I use and trust.

  • Stuck in a meal-time rut and need a recipe idea, I have wonderful resources for you that will meet any dietary (or taste bud) need!

  • Skeptical of supplements and don’t know which ones are worthwhile or necessary for you, allow me to recommend practitioner-grade options that tailor to your specific deficiencies (or suggest foods you can implement).


Holistic Resource

With the amount of conflicting information out there relating to nutrition and health, enjoy this resource of evidence-based, bio-individual guidance. Allow this information to bring awareness to the foods you’re eating, the products you’re using and the mindset in which you adopt. Adding this knowledge to the care of a functionally-minded doctor or practitioner along with your innate wisdom, progress and optimal health will inevitably follow.

As complicated as our modern society as made it, nourishing yourself well is quite simple when we ignore the “noise” and go back to the basics — back to what we were eating and how we were living before the evolution of the modern diet began; when money became more important than health and when disease and dysfunction skyrocketed.