Wellness Without The Excess

Wanna know a hard truth? There’s no magical antidote to modern life stressors. No tonic, pill or cure-all can take away the busyness and stress of life.

Band-aids? Sure. Numbing agents? Definitely. But over here, we don’t believe in covering up symptoms. Nope. We’re all about getting to the root cause. I have a feeling I know a major contributor, a root cause, of these stressors.


Too many things on our calendar. Too many fake ingredients in too many packaged foods. Too much clutter in our homes and in our minds. Too many toxic substances in the products we use in our homes and on our skin. Too many differing opinions on what is best for our body and our life.

Can I suggest something? 


Nourish your body, mind and soul with only the essential. Only let the good in. Let the rest go. Quality is more important than quantity, through and through. Let’s go back to the basics and turn off the noise around us. Wellness becomes overwhelming and complicated when we stray away from the simple truths.

Olivia HermosilloComment