What's Your "Why"?

Why do you want to simplify your life, nourish yourself well and heal your body, mind and soul? What’s the end goal? What’s your vision and dream? You’re not new to obstacles but the fact that you’re here means you’re sick and tired of letting them get in the way of your health. Many times, it’s not the obstacles that stray people away from their course but the feelings that accompany them. “This is all too overwhelming” “Am I even doing this right?” “I’m not getting better fast enough” “What’s the point anyways?”

How do we overcome these paralyzing thoughts?

Keep an eye on your “why”, the end goal, the big picture. Make a habit of keeping this on the forefront of your mind, especially when you’re tempted to get bogged down by the details or overwhelmed by the little things. Look up, see where you’re going and prioritize the essentials that will get you where you want to go. When you stay focused on your “why”, the temporary discomfort that you’ll face won’t seem so big and scary. What will you do when you get control of your health? How will it feel when you’re in less pain? What will life be like when you’re not controlled by anxiety? What’s your “why”? Dream big because you’re on your way!

Here some questions to get you thinking:

What are some things you’ll be able to do when you are feeling strong, healthy and peaceful?

What will life be like when you make positive changes? What will life be like if you choose to stay the same?

What are the worst things that might happen if you choose to stay the same? What are the best things that might happen if you decide to change?

Here’s a little template for you to fill out your “why” statement:

To _____________ (contribution), so that _____________ (impact of your contribution).

Olivia HermosilloComment