Gentle Detox with Castor Oil Packs

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The liver is one amazing organ. While it has over 500 functions, we heavily rely on it to filter toxins out of our bodies. Some examples of these toxins include excess hormones, synthetic chemicals, sugar and heavy metals. When our liver is congested and these toxins have nowhere to go, dysfunction happens. 

If your liver is needing some extra love and support, a castor oil pack is an excellent way to get things moving again. The last thing we want is for all of those toxins mentioned above to recycle back into our bodies. No bueno! If you have symptoms like hormonal breakouts, migraines or ovarian cysts (or maybe you're just feeling blah!), you might want to consider giving this a try! It's important to note that castor oil packs should not be used if you're pregnant, have an IUD, or menstruating. 

A little history on castor oil:

Castor oil comes from the castor seed which goes back thousands of years. The plant was actually referred to as “Palma Christe” because the leaves were thought to look like the hands of Christ. The comparison is thought to stem from people’s realization of the plant’s healing abilities. Love that! 

While it’s been used to help stimulate labor in pregnant women and even bowel movements when taken internally, this is not what this post is about :) Castor oil, when applied externally on a flannel cloth, can be extremely beneficial to get your liver functioning properly. It can also help with headaches, migraines, ovarian cysts, lymphatic drainage, etc.!


Here’s what you do:

1. Buy a castor oil pack.

2. Pour the castor oil over the flannel cloth (you’ll need quite a bit the first time - the cloth will become more saturated as you use it more).

3. Lay down in a comfortable position over an old towel.

4. Place the saturated cloth over your liver (oil side touching your skin) and then place the hot water bottle (or heating pad) on top. Read, watch a movie, or mediate for an hour. 

5. Wipe off excess oil.

6. Store cloth in a glass jar

Try to do a castor oil pack at least three times a week. You can do it daily, or even twice daily, if you're experiencing a lot of dysfunction. I never regret being diligent about - I see results relating to hormonal acne within days!

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