How To Know If Your Liver Needs Some Support

Since becoming a Holistic Nutritionist, I have a new found appreciation for the liver. It has hundreds and hundreds of functions but it’s main job is to filter out toxins. Excess hormones, synthetic chemicals from household/personal products, sugar and heavy metals are just some of the many toxins that the liver is responsible for filtering out. While it’s a big job, our liver was created to do it. Unfortunately, modern life is full of processed, highly refined foods and environmental toxins which not only stresses our liver but mimics hormones, creating even more work for this over-worked organ to handle. When the liver isn’t working optimally, dysfunction happens and symptoms arise. While this isn’t a comprehensive list, these are some very telling symptoms of an overburdened liver:

7 Signs Your Liver Needs Support:

  1. Sea, car or airplane sickness/motion sickness

  2. Sensitive to chemical smells (perfume, cleaning agents, nail polish, etc.)

  3. Long term use of prescription or over the counter medications

  4. Hormonal acne, specifically around the jawline

  5. Headaches over the eyes, migraines

  6. Easily intoxicated or hungover by alcohol

  7. Dry skin

7 Ways You Can Support Your Liver

  1. Beet Kvass (An incredible tonic that aids digestion, cleanses the liver and more) My favorite is from Happy Pantry.

  2. Nutrients that support Phase II detoxification (sulfur-rich foods, brightly colored fruits and greens, cruciferous vegetables)

  3. Herbs that cleanse the liver like rosemary, juniper berry, coriander, etc. (I like Zendocrine for it’s convenient blend of all of those mentioned) I take 1 drop internally and rub one drop over my liver daily.

  4. Calcium D Glucarate (Once taken, CDG turns into glucaric acid, which then aids in liver detoxification by scavenging for and eliminating toxins)

  5. Castor oil packs

  6. Infrared sauna (The more toxins we sweat out, the less burden is put on our liver)

  7. Limit your toxic exposure (Ditch the plastic, the toxic cleaning agents, candles, conventional deodorant, etc.)