Summer Tablescape Inspiration


Fall and Winter are definitely my favorite seasons (can I really even call them "seasons" here in San Diego?) but Summer is still one of those nostalgic times that make me think of backyard BBQ's, amusement parks, staying up late and sleeping in even later.

While we all can't spend our days at the beach or making forts in the living room, we can definitely find time for meals with friends and family. Whether it's at a picnic table in the park or inside with the windows wide open, summertime is for making memories with loved ones. What better way than over a shared meal?

Below are two different ideas for a summer tablescape. One is more warm and natural and the other is more modern and clean. Both are simple yet special, and most importantly, they're attainable by anyone willing to follow a couple of tips and tricks!

First things first - your table isn't supposed to look like mine so don't start with that comparison thing! It's not about that :) Who am I to say what something should look like? Everyone has different items in their homes and different tastes. The idea is to get your wheels turning and spark some inspiration for your gathering. Keep a few tips in mind and you'll be setting a beautiful table, in your own unique way, before you know it!

Tip #1: Set the Mood

In other words, think of the vibe you want for your table. Do you want it to be calm, cool, and relaxed? Maybe you want it to feel bright and joyful with a lot of color. Or perhaps somewhere down the middle - warm, natural, and refined. Having a clear idea upfront will help you put the pieces together later.


Tip #2: Create a Canvas

Just like an artist, you have to have a good starting point. Decide if you want your table to be bare or if you want to drape a table cloth or table runner over it. Something as simple as this can drastically change the look so make sure it meshes with your original idea (Tip #1)! A wooden table can add some warmth and charm while a neutral table cloth adds some calm and refinement.


Tip #3: Add in Texture/Patterns

I love mixing textures. I think it's how I get away with having so many neutral things in my home! Texture adds interest and can help something go from boring to beautiful. Do you have a lot of smooth elements you're using on your table? Add in some napkins with a little pattern. Maybe you have a lot of texture going on? Look for smooth and simple details to give balance.


Tip #4: Think Outside the Box

Look around your house or in your cupboards. Do you see any vessels or containers you can use for the table? I'm sure you can find something! (I found the burnt orange vase at a thrift store and the little gray dish/bowl was given to me by a friend with a plant inside. They were perfect to add something different to the table!) Have a berry basket? Use it for bread! Don't let any unwritten rules prevent your creativity from shining through.


Tip #4: Take Advantage of Nature

Use fresh food and/or greenery as decor. God really is the best artist. There are so many beautiful colors and food out there that would be perfect for adding a fresh element to the table. Lemons or peaches add a pop of color while blueberries or blackberries can add depth and contrast. And of course, greenery is always a good idea. Take a walk around the neighborhood or step into your backyard and bring along some shears!


Tip #5: Keep it Casual

Summer is a time to relax and have fun - not to worry about freshly ironed napkins or tablecloths. Don't remember what side of the plate the knife goes? Who cares! (I googled it). Embrace the "imperfect" and have fun with it. Your guests will appreciate any and all thought you put into your little gathering :)