Adding therapeutic-grade oils to your wellness routine

The use of essential oils today are simply based on the traditional wisdom and healing practices of the past. Depending on the type, species and family of the plant, each one has a unique characteristic that make them useful for specific purposes. Utilizing these specific compounds are an excellent way to support our bodies’ natural healing process while appreciating the knowledge that so many people had before us.

Just like the food we put in our bodies and the products we use in our homes and on our skin, quality is just as important when it comes to essential oils. There are many companies competing for your attention when it comes to these botanical extracts but I encourage you to seek out the most potent, pure and trustworthy oils. After much research, I landed on the company doTERRA (meaning “of the Earth”) and have been incredibly happy with not only their product but their transparency and mission as well. If you are interested in adding these precious oils alongside a nutrient-dense, properly prepared whole foods diet, read on to get started, just like I did several years ago.



Wholesale Prices

Simply sign up through the link below to receive a 25% wholesale discount (like Costco). It’s $35 for the whole year unless you want to start off with a kit (and then the fee gets waived while saving money on oils in the long run). There are no silly minimums or requirements — just certified pure therapeutic-grade essential oils at a wholesale price.


The Botanical Extracts Library

Signing up with the link above ensures that The Botanical Extracts Library is used to its full potential; using high-quality, potent oils. Included are my personal go-to oils and blends for an array of ailments and straightforward guidance on how to use various oils for various purposes. The last thing I want is for you to get these amazing tools in your hands but be too overwhelmed to start implementing them in your daily lives. Allow this resource to be a simple guide on these powerful extracts, straight from a certified Nutritional Therapist.