Before your sauna session

  • As a general rule of thumb, you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces of pure, filtered water every day. (For example, if you weigh 170 pounds, you should aim to drink 85 ounces a day.)

    If you’re sweating in the sauna, you should be drinking even more than the minimum amount mentioned above. This will ensure you are properly hydrated and do not feel faint during or after your session. Drinking enough water also helps your body flush toxins much easier!

During your sauna session

  • Most people wear nothing inside the sauna or just their underwear. You will step into the sauna and sit down on the towel-covered stool. There will be a hand towel for you to wipe the sweat off throughout your session (since we don’t want to re-absorb what we sweat out).

  • The heat lamp will be right in front of you, with 4 bulbs. If at anytime you feel faint or lightheaded, step outside the sauna. You can also turn off the number of bulbs to make it less warm inside the sauna. Some people need to work their way up to longer, warmer sessions.

  • The inside temperature is warm, but not unbearable. Because of the near infrared light, your body is being heated from the inside out which means the air doesn’t need to be as hot as a steam sauna. You are also getting the regenerative and healing benefits of the red light itself!

  • Rotate 90 degrees every 2-5 minutes so each side of your body gets the same amount of time in front of the heat lamp.

  • You may notice your veins become more visible during your session – this is an excellent sign that the infrared light is helping your blood circulate throughout your body!

After your sauna session

  • Wipe down your body with the aromatherapy water and washcloth provided to you outside the sauna. Ideally, you will shower after your sauna session to wash off everything you just sweat out.

  • Drink plenty of pure, filtered water to replenish the fluid you lost during the sauna session. You can also add in extra minerals and electrolytes by adding a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt to your water.

  • Expect to feel more relaxed and at peace. Try to avoid going right back to stressful activities and allow your body to slowly ease back into the day.